Our Mission:


Connecting Caring Communities exists to build meaningful relationships that foster safe, caring, whole communities.


What We Do

Too often the lack of relationships with our neighbors leads to isolation, fear, and eventual decline. Since 2005, we have insisted that neighborhoods can be improved by working WITH neighbors, rather than thinking we have the answers; by valuing RELATIONSHIPS above programs; and by highlighting the STRENGTHS inherent in any neighborhood.


Get Involved

Rather than focusing on the needs of our neighbors, we try to maintain an asset-based mentality. This means that for regular events, we typically rely on our neighbors and teens as our primary volunteers. 

We love volunteers, but we want more for our volunteers and our neighbors than for a group to swoop in, do some good & go back home. We want you to join the movement of being an intentional neighbor.


On Your Block!

Join our network of neighbors across Abilene who combat fear and isolation by simply being aware of others on their block.

Make a Donation

Relational work still takes physical resources. Consider becoming one of our monthly donors, or make a one-time gift:

Volunteer opportunities

We do occasionally have opportunities for volunteers or volunteer groups to help. Feel free to reach out to us:

Our Work

We insist that Abilene's neighborhoods are worth living in and worth investing in. Our Community Coordinators have always lived this out by relocating their families into the neighborhoods where they work. We move into the neighborhood because...well, what better way is there to "love your neighbors" than being there to listen and to work alongside them?

All of our programs are secondary to living among our neighbors and come out of a desire to create opportunities for neighbors to meet each other and serve each other. As programs change (or ideas flop), one thing remains: our commitment to building relationships with our North Central Abilene neighbors.


Neighborhood Interest Dinners

One of our most regular activities is the monthly Neighborhood Interest Dinners. Neighbors come together to share a meal & talk about their common desire for a whole, safe neighborhood. Many dinners also have a special guest speaker from the City of Abilene, sharing how their department's work impacts our community.
Join us in College Heights on the 2nd Monday of every month at 1518 Orange St. or in North Park on 4th Mondays at 2701 Hickory St!

Save Up

In 2017, we launched a pilot program in partnership with First Financial Bank to host matched savings accounts. Participants learn the ins-and-outs of budgeting, borrowing and banking from professional volunteers. When they meet their savings goals, we use donated funds to match their savings 2-to-1 to spend on higher ed, home purcashing or small business expenses.

Young Leaders of ABilene

Young Leaders of Abilene is a group of North Abilene middle and high school students who plan service projects throughout the schoolyear with our staff's guidance. In the summer, YLA teens are eligible for a job-like experience as a camp counselor at our Caring In Action (CIA) neighborhood day camps! Click here for more info.

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Network & Caring Team

These are our two city-wide initiatives. The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Network (N2N) is a collection of people across Abilene who simply agree that knowing the neighbors on their block improves both safety and the social fabric of the community. Download our monthly N2N Calendar here.
The Caring Team is all about visibility of caring people. With constant bombardment of negative news, it's easy to believe that no one cares anymore. As a visual reminder that most citizens care about the wellbeing of our city, we invite all of Abilene to post a simple sign saying "WE CARE." in your yards or storefronts.


Chris Heuertz & Christine Pohl

"Offering and receiving friendship breaks down the barriers of 'us' and 'them' and opens up possibilities of healing and reconciliation."

From their book:
 Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission

Art by Rick Beerhorst.