“I Think I’m Famous”

I remember the day like it was yesterday, but it wasn’t, it was actually Monday, February 4th.  It was a nice spring-like evening, even though it was the middle of winter.  I had just walked my oldest daughter Abigail into Tae Kwan Doe.  As I was standing there watching her stretch and warm up a little girl from her class walked up to me and said the words that would change my life…

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Hometown Hero??

Back in the fall of 1995, I attended my 20th high school reunion for the Abilene High class of ’75. Since many of us were in town, the church we attended decided to have a “youth group reunion” on the Sunday of the reunion weekend. Since I was the only “pastor” of the group, I was asked to preach and my only instruction was: “nothing too jazzy.”

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Get Your Glow On

On Monday we celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Many of you displayed your favorite MLK quote on your social media pages, marched with a local group or attended a banquet or other event honoring his legacy. Some of you may have incorporated even more intentional ways to contemplate his life and life’s work…

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Janet MendenhallComment
Gather Together

To those that I haven’t had a chance to see yet, Happy New Year! Yes, I know that we are three weeks in, but given that there are 49 weeks left I say we are still new.  I hope your 2019 is off to a wonderful and rousing start.  For me personally, 2019 seems to be a year of transition and newness…

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Branching Out

Last weekend was the second annual YLA Fall Retreat. On Friday evening, we scooted down Buffalo Gap Road with 16 of our young leaders to the Presbyterian Encampment in historic and beautiful Buffalo Gap for a couple of days of learning and laughing and loving.  This year’s theme was Branching Out…

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