We Were Made to Mix

A year or so ago, I was at the gym on the treadmill and caught a glimpse of a Chex Mix commercial. I was immediately struck by the truth of the new tagline, “We’re made to mix.” Perhaps you are the purist who never lets his food touch its neighbor on his plate, but for most of us there is something richer and fuller about the mix. The blending of textures and colors and flavors is appealing to our senses. General Mills knows this about us. Now they will sell us more Chex Mix. We’re made to mix. That is good stuff. Unlike most advertising gimmicks, I am convinced they are right. We are indeed made to mix. Jesus was made to mix. Lepers, Samaritan women, tax collectors, children, Zealots, prostitutes, synagogue leaders, fishermen, the demon-possessed, and thieves hanging on crosses. And made in his image, we were made to mix. HIV patients, illegal aliens, lawyers, Republicans, ministers, mechanics, Muslims, CEO’s, African Americans and  thieves behind bars.

Just as our palates were made to detect and appreciate a variety of textures and flavors, our hearts were also. And just as each individual flavor and texture contribute something unique to create the whole effect in that bag of Chex Mix, each unique individual our heart encounters enhances our life experience.

So grab a neighbor and open a bag of Chex Mix --and your heart. We were indeed made to mix.