Update on Surveys

If you've been keeping up with my blog posts, you may recall that I have been working with ANI partners to survey the Alameda neighborhood. The survey focuses on a few major questions: how long has the neighbor been in the neighborhood, what they think the best thing about their community is, what they see as their neighborhood's biggest challenge, and what aspects of community they want to address. Out of the 600+ homes within the Alameda Addition, we've worked to survey over 90% of the area and gotten responses from nearly 150 residents. I feel like it's been a huge success so far, and I'd like to tell you a few reasons why.

First off, the survey has helped me meet quite a few great neighbors who I had not yet met. Good conversations on front porches, being invited in for some pizza or homemade cornbread, and connecting about the neighborhood has made for a great couple of months. I'm excited for the relationships that have begun through the surveys to grow into fruitful partnerships that benefit the neighborhood.

Secondly, I think this survey is going to greatly benefit the Alameda Neighborhood Association. With this information in their hands, the association will have a better understanding of what the local residents care deeply about. This can give them an inside edge on addressing the concerns of the neighborhood and increasing their membership. For example, so far 32 folks have listed "Community Leadership" as what they want to address in the neighborhood, and 24 responded with "Culture of Caring." This is about fifty folks who should be quite interested in working with the Alameda Neighborhood Association.

Finally, as I've explained in the past, I can't wait to start organizing meetings of neighbors centered around their stated concerns. I want to get the folks together who listed "Safety" as an aspect of community they'd like to address, and give them a chance to work with each other to develop plans to make their neighborhood more safe. I look forward to hearing their ideas and catalyzing some positive changes.

With only a few more blocks to survey, I know that the survey will be a boon to the neighborhood. Special thanks to Erica Currie of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church/the Alameda Community Center, the Hardin-Simmons University freshman volunteers, and my wife Amanda Bowen for all your help making the survey happen! I look forward to completing this neighborhood survey soon!