Rained Out

Well, she did it again., Ol’ Mother Nature decided to make a wreck of my Saturday and destroy all my plans.  It was going to be a good day too.  My wife went to a women’s breakfast at our church, and while she was there, I was going to take the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt at Cobb Park.  The girls and I had planned to hang around the park and play until mama got done with her breakfast. Furthermore, that afternoon we (CCC) were hosting a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt at the Fambrough’s house.  Well, needless to say, Mother Nature forced us to call that one off as well.  To say my daughters were disappointed would be an understatement. 

Now I’m not trying to throw a pity party and say woe is me.  It is frustrating, however, when all week the weather is awesome then on a day when you have plans that you're excited about, they get washed away.  I know I’m not the only one.  I saw several Facebook posts stating something similar.  Soccer games were canceled for the weekend, one family nixed plans to go to the State Park, while another skipped a fishing trip to the lake.  I imagine I was not the only one shaking my fist at Mother Nature.

After Ashley finished at the church, we decided to rent some movies and just hang out at home.  During our first movie on Saturday afternoon our youngest daughter Emma, while sitting in my lap, looked at me and said, “Daddy, I’ve missed this.  It’s been a long time since we did this.”  It was not a split second later that my wife and oldest daughter Abigail were agreeing with Emma. 

This revelation hit me like a rock between my eyes.  On one hand, here I was, fuming and upset about plans that had to be canceled or put on hold.  A day where my family and I were shoved indoors; upset about a Saturday that was wasted because of rain storms.  On the other hand, here was my family, happy to just be sitting and resting together as a family.  They were not upset about the rain.  They were thankful.  They did not see a Saturday wasted; they saw a Saturday where they were able to rest and take a break and spend it as a family.  Not only were they enjoying movies, pizza, and soda, but they were also enjoying each other’s company.

As I sat there in this new revelation, I started thinking about our week and the schedules that each of us keep.  Between the girls and Ashley in school, my work and the things we do for my job at the house, Tae-Kwon Do lessons, and church, I realized we are a busy family.  We seem to be going a lot and that takes a toll on all of us.  When we are tired and running on empty, tempers flare, emotions run wild, and we tend to be grumpiest with those closest to us.  I also saw that it had been a while since we had stopped and hung out as a family. 

I found myself putting my fist of anger down and saying thank you to Mother Nature.  Thank you for forcing us to stop.  Thank you for forcing us to be together.  I see now that my Saturday was not wasted at all, but it was spent doing one of the most important things that I can do as a husband and father, loving and caring and hanging out with my family.

I challenge you to stop.  It is easy to go, go, go.  We are all busy, we all have things to do, places to go, and projects to complete.  But don’t be like me, do not be forced to stop.  Don’t be made to take a break.  Get away from it all, stop what you are doing every now and then and be present with those closest to you, with those loved ones that bring you joy and happiness.  Stop, and go sit on your couch and do nothing, because you might just be doing more than you know.

Furthermore, if you don’t, she might just make you!!

David AdamsComment