Parting Words

As you may have heard, I recently accepted a job at Camp of the Hills as their full-time Program Director. I worked there from 2002-2012, including four as a Camp Director, and will be returning to an expanded version of that role. While I'm excited for this new adventure, it means I'll be leaving CCC, College Heights, and Abilene later this year. Since this will be my final blog post as a Community Coordinator, I wanted to write something timely and meaningful. Something eloquent and relatable. Something that would make you laugh and shed a tear.

Unfortunately, I have not had much luck figuring out anything of that sort. With my deadline for a post already well past, it's time to write what's been on my mind for a while, even if it's not all that I'd hoped.

I've learned a lot in my time at Connecting Caring Communities. Learned about people, groups, churches, nonprofits, local government, police, and a whole host of other stuff. But everything I've learned boils down to this simple idea:

Do good. Help others do good. Let others help you do good.

That's it. It requires a lot of listening to figure out what good should be done. Tons of hard work to get that good off the ground. Collaborations make it possible. It's sorta intuitive.

It may not be much, but it's what I've learned. I'm excited for CCC to keep going on this, and thrilled to take these lessons to Camp of the Hills. May we all do good, help others do good, and let others help us do good.