My Favorite Teachers

Do you hear that noise; that thunderous roar of millions of children everywhere?  Do you feel that excitement; that bolt of electricity in the air?  If you have school-aged children, then you know what I am talking about.  The reason for all the excitement comes from one word: Summer.  It is that most joyous time of year; thoughts of late bedtimes, swimming pools, and endless summer nights are filling little one’s heads everywhere.

I have found myself a little reflective in the last couple of days.  Ashley just finished the semester, we attended a friend’s college graduation, and several of the students at church have headed home.  With all these changes happening, it made me start thinking about my time in school.  It was weird not being in school this semester; I missed it somewhat (not enough to want to go back, but still missed it).  I really started focusing on my favorite teachers and thinking about everything they taught me.

I have two favorite teachers that have taught me more than anyone else.  Their names are Abigail and Emma.  For those who know me, you may recognize those names.  For everyone else, those are the names of my daughters.  Yes, that means that my daughters are my favorite teachers, and yes, they have taught me many important lessons.  That is saying a lot because I have learned from several brilliant high school teachers and university professors. One of the most important things they taught me was what it meant to be a child of God.

One of my favorite stories is about when my oldest daughter got stuck in a tree.  Without going into too many details, in order to get her out of the tree, I wound up having to catch her when she jumped out of the tree.  Later that night while I was lying in bed and thinking about what happened I realized that I would do anything for my children because I love them.  It was not until I had my children that I really understood what it meant to be God’s child and understand his love for me.  They always say that the best way to learn something is to experience it for yourself, and that is true of the lessons that my children teach me every day.

If you are like me and have school-aged children, then you might be hearing and feeling the excitement of summer coming at you like a tidal wave.  Maybe you are thinking and worrying about how you are going to fill all those summer hours.  Who knows, you might have vacations planned and weekend trips already on the calendar.  Take a moment to stop and learn from your children.  If you look and think hard enough, they have a lot to teach you.  I know if you are around our house the excitement of summer is not just contained in our children.  I know I’m pretty excited too.  I’m ready to see what lesson plans my daughters have for me.

David AdamsComment