Making Room

It is Advent. A time to wait. Not the irritating impatience of a wait in a WalMart checkout line, or the drive-through of a “fast” food restaurant; but a time of cheerful expectation. Not the mind dulling wait in a doctor’s waiting room or the wait for a table at your favorite restaurant;  but a mind sharpening; active anticipation. Preparation. Decluttering. Making room. Room for the coming Jesus. Room for the folks for whom Jesus came. I live in a Friendship House where we are in the business of making room for: one more potluck dish on the kitchen counter, one more face at the table, one more player on the team in backyard games, one more report of a middle school girl’s happy and crappy moments last week, one more carpooler headed to Martinez elementary, one more visit on a neighbor’s porch, one more visit from a neighbor on our porch, one more hug, one more tear, one more smile.

When we create physical space for our neighbors, space in our hearts is opened to the love of children, the concerns of parents, the joys and sorrows of friends, questions and answers of deep faith, encouragement given and received, and the wisdom of community. When we make room for people, we make room for Jesus. And when our hearts and lives are filled with the joy that loving His people brings, we find that we are no longer waiting. He has come.