A few short months ago, my frustrations were at a lifetime high. Though there were plenty of great things in my life, I was bogged down and depressed about my job. As a delivery driver for an office supply store, I was mired in a job that minimized my strengths and maximized my weaknesses. I was isolated from meaningful human contact for most of the day, driving to and from many of the small towns that make up the Big Country, as well as numerous businesses and homes within Abilene. By the time I returned home each day, I barely had the energy or time to spend with my wife and friends, much less the neighbors I had intentionally moved to be around. My life was not what I had imagined when I looked beyond graduation. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to hear about an open position at Connecting Caring Communities. As I sought more information and eventually applied, I was overjoyed to find the job was right up my alley. CCC was searching for someone to work in the Abilene Neighborhood Initiative (ANI), which meant building relationships with residents and those working with folks in five of Abilene’s most underserved neighborhoods.

Call me biased, but it seemed like a match made in heaven to me.

My hope for this blog is to give readers a better idea of what is happening with the Abilene Neighborhood Initiative, and to specifically highlight some of the individuals and groups that are working hard to make Abilene a better place.