"...because the truth is, we need each other."

"...and although my life is rich with many things, I think about you because I miss the village." -I Miss the Village, by Bunmi Laditan Click here to read Laditan's article I Miss the Village.

What does "the village" mean to you? What does it look like? Is it something of the past or is it something we've yet to create?

While Laditan's "village of mothers" may seem idealistic or even outdated to some, she paints a powerful picture of what our lives can look like when we live in relationship with one another. Male or female, married or single, parent or not, as Laditan says, "the truth is, we need each other."

Here are a few quotes from Laditan's article to think about:

"In our village, our members are our estate and we build them up."

"...we exist for each other."

"...we'd love you, not with the sappy love of greeting cards, but with appreciative love that has full knowledge of how your colors add to our patchwork."

As you build relationships with your neighbors, think about the aspects of the village you would like to see lived out on your block. What can you do to get to know your neighbors' "colors" and how can you join with them to create the colorful patchwork of your community?