Branching Out

Last weekend was the second annual YLA Fall Retreat. On Friday evening, we scooted down Buffalo Gap Road with 16 of our young leaders to the Presbyterian Encampment in historic and beautiful Buffalo Gap for a couple of days of learning and laughing and loving.  This year’s theme was Branching Out…

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Lessons From A Cave In Thailand

I am a vegan and cheering for the rescue of wild boars would be a stretch even for me.

Originally natives of Eurasia, North Africa and the Greater Sunda Islands, wild boars have been successfully introduced into a wide range of environments, and because of their resilience and adaptability they are now classified as a species of “least concern”

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Irises, Rainbows and Sore Thumbs

A Texas spring is a temperamental sort, blowing hot and cold around our alternately under- and over-protected ears, coaxing buds into boldly bursting on the scene only to have to cower at its fickle fierceness, and then beckoning us to thrust our hands into the warm earth to assist in its rebirth, only to have those hands slapped by the sting of an April frost.

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